Data Plotting Library DISLIN 8.0

Cousin Stanley CousinStanley at
Mon Sep 30 09:29:58 EDT 2002

|| Yes, you can download the file '' that contains the 
|| DISLIN distribution for Python 2.2 on Windows. You don't have to
|| compile anything. The other DISLIN distributions are for several
|| commercial and non-commercial compilers. 

Cousin Helmut ... 

Thanks for the reply ... 

After reading the FAQs from your website a bit more closely,
I downloaded  and  installed yesterday ... 

The install process was very easy and all the Python demonstration 
programs included with the distribution functioned as expected
and I'm looking forward to using DISLIN ... 

I was just a bit confused about whether or not any compilation 
was required, since you had listed so many different distributions
with so many different compiler options available ... 

Cousin Stanley

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