How to build Python 2.2.1 on Windows?

David LeBlanc whisper at
Wed Sep 18 22:34:08 EDT 2002

I have built Python on Windows using both the distribution and CVS download.
The necessary VC++ project files are included in both. You will have to also
download some other components as described in the readme file, including a
special version of BSDDB version 1.85, zlib, Tcl/Tk (Tk needs Tcl to build),
expat and maybe some other things. These are for extensions, and are not
required to build the core Python.

WRT BSDDB, there are projects out there to build Sleepycat BSDDB version 4.0
and that's a better choice then the default version 1.85 used by Python (due
to bugs). The downside is that Sleepycat BSDDB is free for personal use

See \dist\Python-2.2.1\PCbuild for complete details.

Oh yes, put your python source distro or cvs dump under a directory called
'dist'. I found the directions to do that unclear in the readme and it gave
me a bit of trouble. The other packages you'll need also go in 'dist' as
peers of the python source tree. Those should be built before Python.

David LeBlanc
Seattle, WA USA

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> Subject: How to build Python 2.2.1 on Windows?
> I have been playing with Python for awhile and would like to know how to
> try building Python on a Windows machine that has MS C++ version 6.  Is
> there a standard download that is configured to do this?  If not could
> someone point me in the direction of information on builds?  I
> downloaded Python-2.2.1.tgz.tar on my Win98 box and WinZip 8 does not
> even seem to know how to unzip it.  I just transfered the tar file over
> to a linux box and it unzips without and problem using tar.  The README
> seems to only talk about linux/unix type systems.
> David Lees
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