ANN: Installer 5b4

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Thu Sep 19 18:38:09 EDT 2002

Announcing version 5b4 of Installer:

Changes in 5b4:
  Bug fixes:
  - recompile if .py file in a package is newer
  - fix segfault on Linux / Unix if executable is on
    the $PATH
  - fix segfault / access violation on very long
    script names
  - many other minor bug fixes

  - works with .pyw files (or any file extension,
    including none)
  - add --strip option to run the executable and
    shared libs through strip.

  Unix (relying on volunteers)

Python versions:
  tested with Python 1.5 to 2.2

What is it:
  The Installer package is any easy way to deploy
   Python apps to systems without Python installed 
   (or with incompatible Pythons installed).

   Installer support single-file and single-directory
   deployments. On Windows, Installer supports
   COM, including in-process COM servers.
  MIT style.

  gmcm at

<P><A HREF="">Installer 
Release 5b4</A>Easy Python app deployment. (19-Sep-

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