Graham's spam filter

David LeBlanc whisper at
Thu Sep 5 17:52:56 EDT 2002

> Spammers are hitting upon the strategy, though, of sending emails in
> which the body consists of nothing but a completely encoded base64 MIME
> part.  So in that case, the entire body of your message would consist
> solely of your "base64encoded" token.  So in the general case of any
> kind of spam filter (not just limited to a Graham filter), it's
> questionable how useful this will be, unless you plant to always filter
> against that token, presuming it to always indicate spam.

Ummm... In which case, the headers would probably control the sort. IIRC,
Graham said that headers had a large impact on spam/ham determination. Spam
header information is already so marked in the filter table of course.

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