Ann: Stackless Python Update

Christian Tismer tismer at
Sun Sep 15 21:50:06 CEST 2002

Hi Stackless users,

A new version of Stackless Python is available.

Stackless now supports Sun Sparc, thanks to Gerd Woetzel.
The other platforms are
Windows, Linux X86, Mac PPC, Cygwin.

The core stack switching mechanism and the extended
stackless module are now split apart. The stackless
module is built as an extension and loaded on demand.

The type system has been reworked. As an effect, all
methods on channels and tasklets can now be re-defined
from Python, without extra cost for the native
implementation. I am going to propose this as a
Python extension as well.

Win32 binaries can be found on the website

For all other supported platforms you need to get the
source from CVS and build it.

More to come, soon - chris
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