Command Line Parsing etc. (GetPot 1.0)

F. Schaefer drfransch at
Sun Sep 15 18:53:43 EDT 2002

Finally after one year on  sourceforge, the Version 1.0 of the command
line  and configuration  parser  GetPot is  ready  for download.  Some
new features are:

-- the dollar bracket language:  A simple lisp-like extension, so that
   basic string,  and arithmetic operations can be  performed on the
   command line and inside a configuration file.

-- unidentified flying object detection (UFO detection): sophisticated
   functions  to  detect unrecognized  arguments,  options, flags  and

-- prefixes:  narrow down  search  space through  a 'prefix'  (section

A reviewed user manual documents all these features.  Please feel free
to download at:


Many  people sent  me  suggestions  and improvements,  so  I think  we
finally  have a  pretty useful/stable  tool. However,  I'm  still glad
about any comment/critique.

Best Regards,


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