Anyone can tell me why?

Andy Salnikov a_salnikov at
Sat Sep 14 16:33:58 EDT 2002

"hpyhpy" <member at> wrote in message
news:1815200.1031973626 at
> hi,everybody:
> I'm puzzled about SWIG.
> [..........................]
> Then it has these files:
> example.c
> example.i
> example.o
> example_wrap.c
> example_wrap.doc
> example_wrap.o
> So I wonder where is the ""???
> So I can't "import example"
  The module 'example' is in the shared library (.so). But python
has to find this shared lib somehow, I mean you cannot give it
some random name and hope it will be found. Try to rename to, import should work then.


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