Code analyser + testing

Julien Anguenot anguenotj at
Thu Sep 19 03:26:23 EDT 2002

Hi !,

I'm looking for a code analyser for Python 2.2.
I found one dated from 1997 ( from Ka-Ping Yee but It seems it 
  doesn't work with the version 2.2....

Knows someone where I can find one up to date ?

I'm student and I have to find a software (in Python of course) for 
setting tests. (unit testing, etc....)
It's for a course I took this year. I will do it with an other developper.

If you've a software and you're interested to have some testcases you 
can write me an email.

What I need with the software :

   ** the software of course
   ** It must be long around 5000 loc
   ** the specifications in details




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