Python and Scite

Sperry Russ sperry at
Wed Sep 25 21:56:43 EDT 2002


Thanks for your help.  The problem was in the path  which I did not understand at first. Is th PythonWin your favorite editor?


> I am new to programming.  I have downloaded Python 2.2.1 and Scite
> 1.48 to learn how to program.  I am trying to configure my Scite so
> that it will run the python files by using go.  When I try to do this
> i get a message in the second window at the bottom -- unable to find
> file.  I have tried configuring the global options and have failed can
> anyone help me? I need a step by step example if you can because I
> cannot understand it according to the documentation that came with
> Scite 

works out of the box for me. if you're on windows, make sure that python is 
found in the PATH. i.e. edit PATH that it contains the python directory.
and you could look at PythonWin, it uses the editing component used in 
scite and has some additional features for the python programmer. 
additionaly it comes also with useful, de-facto standard, windows specific 

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