idea for a much needed application

Paul Rubin phr-n2002b at
Sun Sep 29 21:15:35 EDT 2002

"mike henley" <rsrchstr at> writes:
> i guess i'll rephrase; what i wish for is an "application-to-person" (P2A)
> IM-based "presence", so that a web-application that i host on a personal
> webserver, on my own machine, can let others become aware of its "presence"
> easily and be easy to connect to with a simple
> click-to-launch-browser-and-go-to-my-ip. This should be easy to do. I just
> don't have experience with Jabber or xml-rpc, or other potential useful
> technologies.

I don't think you need anything nearly that fancy.  Just use some
simple AIM client on your box that runs when you connect to the internet.

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