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Tue Sep 17 10:25:26 EDT 2002

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Chris <cs26 at> wrote:
>Thank you for the advice, but I have the instruction to write it in C++, so
>this is a point I cannot change. Only for the scripts, Python should be
>Well, I know a little bit about how to do concurrent programming in Python,
>and in C++ too, but my problem is that I don't know how to combine these two
>technologies for the PARBEGIN, PAREND block.

Now I'm even more confused.  It sounds as though you're 
constrained to do all the scheduling in C++, so I don't
understand the pertinence of Python's concurrency idioms.
They don't matter.  You have to schedule the parallelism
with C++, so Python is just a passive interpreter embed-
ded into the larger C++ scheduling application, right?

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