Copy with __slots__

Christian Tismer tismer at
Wed Sep 18 19:01:13 CEST 2002

Alex Martelli wrote:
> Griebel, Peer wrote:


> class withslots(yetanother):
>     __slots__ = ('s2',)
>     def __copy__(self):
>         result = self.__class__.__new__(self.__class__)
>         for base in self.__class__.__mro__:
>             for s in getattr(base, '__slots__', []):
>                 setattr(result, s, getattr(self, s))
>         return result
> the slowdown is even more severe -- to 0.62.  Still nothing
> like the 1.04 you pay for NOT having the slots at all, of
> course, but it's starting to undermine performance improvement,
> the only real rationale for having __slots__ at all.  Still,
> you pays your money, and you makes your choices.

You can get this to the single slot-level speed by doing
the slot grabbing phase of above once, after the class
has been created. I'd add an all_slots class attribute
with all collected slots and then iterate over it.
I think this is quite safe, since when you are using slots,
you are most probably *not* assuming that the classes
will change dynamically. If so, the all_slots need
to be re-built.

ciao - chris

p.s.: I didn't do any testing at all, but I guess some more
speed can be found by not caching the __slots__ but their
get/set wrappers and then just calling these with the new
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