Python threading?

Thomas Heller thomas.heller at
Thu Sep 26 14:15:50 CEST 2002

"Robert Oschler" <Oschler at> writes:

> Having written _many_ state machines in my life, which async programming
> boils down to in one form or another, I feel it depends on the task.  When
> you have an async event driven model, the code that services a
> "transaction-package" ends up spreading functionality that services the
> "transaction-package" application's code landscape.  This can frequently be
> a headache.  As an example of a "transaction-package", take all the steps
> involved in servicing an incoming TCP connection, with custom authentication
> of a user, and perhaps a header and data object transacttion or two,
> finishing with a proper ending and cleanup of the transaction, and with
> subsequent notification of all necessary modules and data structures of the
> results of the transaction.  For dessert add a centralized clean error
> handler that can log errors propertly and gracefully recover the app
> regardless of where in the distributed event flow the error took place.
> Contrast this with a simple procedure call where a linear series of function
> calls are made, each with appropriate error handling and status adjustment,
> in a pleasant centrally located manner.

I wonder if generators can come to a rescue here?
Still trying to get them into my head...


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