Python on MacOS X 10.2: a warning and instructions

Kow K kowk at
Tue Sep 17 08:24:29 CEST 2002

Oh my heck,

I probaby won't migrate to Jaguar for a while.
I can't trust Apple these days. Now, Apple is such a
shameless company that they don't care privileges
of previous users. Why do 10.1.x users have to pay as
much as $129??? No matter how tight their budget is,
that sucks.

Well, I will upgrade when it becomes Tiger.

Sorry about this posting, which is totally unrelated to Python.


On Monday, September 16, 2002, at 03:25 PM, Russell E. Owen wrote:

> MacOS X 10.2 (Jaguar) breaks the fink installation of Python (due to
> moving the ncurses package).
> MacOS X 10.2 does include Python (at least if you install the
> Developer's CD, not sure otherwise) but it has no readlines support
> (i.e. no command recall) and no Tkinter support.
> I upgraded before I realized this, and needed python too much to wait
> for the fink binary, so I spent a day and a half figuring out how to do
> the installation (with help from the MacPython list). Instructions are
> at <>
> if you are unfortunate enough to need them.
> These instructions install a version that uses xfree86 (an X server) to
> display windows. However, a release version of the native aqua version
> of tcl/tk now exists (version 8.4.0) but so far the only binary
> installer is for 8.4a4, an older version. The source installer comes
> with no instructions and what I tried failed. If anybody gets Python
> with Tkinter to worth with the aqua version of tcl/tk 8.4.0 under MacOS
> 10.2, I would love instructions.
> -- Russell
> --

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