[newbie] Calling Python from C++

Magnus Lyckå magnus at thinkware.se
Fri Sep 20 11:28:32 EDT 2002

Morfeas wrote:
> What I want to do though, is to execute a python script that operates on an 
> existing object (that may or may not have been instantiated from Python). 
> So my question is : How do I pass an object into the python script?
> I'm kind of relying on SWIG to do all the data conversion to and from 
> python, so I don't really know much on this topic!

I'm really as clueless as you are about this, but as far
as I understand, there are better tools than SWIG to
connect Python with C++. SWIG is really a C thing rather
than a C++ thing, right?

Boost and CXX comes to mind. See

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