can wxpython do this?

Erick erick_papadakis at
Mon Sep 16 03:42:09 CEST 2002

Thank you very much Lothar.

> There is no problem to setup an installer easily that takes
> Python,WXPysthon and whatever you need. It simply blowes up the
> installer package size.

Isn't this the way to distribute wxpython apps? Because most users will not
have python installed on their machines, much less the wxpython libraries?
Or is it that after compilation users do not need Python installed at all?

  > >for instance, can i minimize my application to a user's desktop's
  > >taskbar and have a right-click context menu on that taskbar entry?

> I think its not comfortable but possible. Look at the API to find out.

I searched the html help for "taskbar" and there is only one function for
Win95/NT (wxTaskBarIcon). Looks like this feature is not yet supported?

Actually I am interested -- is there any popular utility written in
wxpython? One of those things that are downloadable from or

> There is a really simple WxHTML Widget and at least a C++ version of a
> wrapped IExplorer control.

The wxHTML widget supports only some very basic HTML tags, but I guess
that'll do for now. What I really wanted to know was if there is a way for
me to connect to the Internet, make a call to a webserver as a browser would
do, retrieve data and display it inside my application (with or without
HTML...does not have to be HTML at all, actually).

Perhaps wxSocket is what I am talking about. But I did not see anything in
the "demo" that has much to do with sockets. Would anyone know an example of
using sockets in wxpython?

Thanks a lot for the reply, I am already drawn!


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