combining mailbox and email modules

Bob Horvath nospam at
Thu Sep 26 14:26:47 CEST 2002

Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:
> Bob Horvath fed this fish to the penguins on Wednesday 25 September 
> 2002 11:14 pm:
>>... and here it the message...
>> From mickey at  Tue Aug 20 10:03:52 2002
>>Return-Path: <mickey at>
>>Delivered-To: bob at
>         Is that indent on the "From ..." line really in the file, or just some 
> artifact of pasting it into your post? I just checked my Eudora .mbx 
> files and they don't show an indent on the "From ..." line

Doh!  Sorry, cut and paste error. No, the space before the From is 
not there.

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