Smalltalk vs. Python and COM was Re: Byte Magazine and Smalltalk

GerritM gmuller at
Sun Sep 22 14:29:27 EDT 2002

"Pino Gargiulo" <jk3380 at> schreef in bericht
news:amkup0$qtb$1 at
> Thanks for your advice and prompt reply!
> If I understand you correctly you are suggesting that Python is the way to
> go
> for COM m$ API rather than Smalltalk .. again Id like to hear suggestions
> on which product. My dabbling experience is just with VWNC
> TNX again
> Pino
What is VWNC? What end level application do you want to support and/or

The ActiveState distribution I suggested is a Python distribution
("batteries included") which allow you to do nearly everything. Additional
packages can be found at many places a.o. in the vaults of Parnassus.

regards Gerrit

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