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Mon Sep 30 00:58:14 EDT 2002

mike henley wrote:
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> "other than the ones already present on a web-server", exactly! i want to be
> ably to use whatever language, modules or applications i choose, and over
> the year use others, freely. if i choose perl, php, or even python, ruby or
> tcl, then i want to be able to do that. if i want to use mysql or something
> else that i prefer, then i want to have the freedom to do that. i do not
> wish to be restricted by the "ones already present on a web-server". i do
> not want to end up in a catch 22 situation, should i choose a good deal on a
> host, and then choose applications within the limits of what it allows me,
> or choose applications, and try to find a host that'll provide a good deal.

The "freedom" to do all that is there, but freedom ain't neccessarily

Besides, I think you are thinking too hard on this. If you want to run
your own site off your own PC & aren't on-line all the time, then so be it.

There are dynamic DNS services (even free ones!) and people can go to 
your page - if your not on-line they won't get there, if you are, they 
will. The auto-notification is mostly overkill, If they aren't around
to see it what goo dis it, if they are around they can alsways just try.

Also you could do a 2 tiered approach where you have much of your
content on a real hosted site (free, or paid) and then have a link from
there to you home machine for the sections you want to have all the 
goodies on - you could even auto-update that page when you connect
or disconnect to only have the link when you are on-line.


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