maximum number of threads?

Steven sadams123 at
Wed Sep 4 03:33:49 EDT 2002

Is there a maximum number of threads that can be running 'simultaneously' in
Python 2.2 on Win2k/XP?

I'm choosing between a select or threads based design, threads would be
easier, but wasn't sure whether I'll exceed some maximum number of threads.

Basically its a voice server, or rather a voice to text server, so
information produced might be sporadic, or fairly continuous. An arbitrary
number of subscribers subscribe to the system and get voice information sent
out as it comes in (and if it matches the language the subscriber wants),
threads make it simple since each subscription could be separate.

Is there a maximum number of threads, and any opinions on whether the GIL
and context switching in the interpreter is liable to make it unworkable (or
a case of 'build and see')?



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