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> One of the niftiest things about Python is you never have to 
> argue about whether you should put your curlies in the wrong 
> place, like this:
> void foo() {
>    //...
> }
> ...or whether you should place them correctly, like this:
> void foo()
> {
>     //...
> }

Them's fightin' words, son...   :-)
> It saves the world from a lot of unnecessary creation and 
> release of hot air (so Python has probably done more to help 
> reduce the greenhouse effect than any other software 
> technology!).

I just like that I don't have to type the #!$&@!! things 

No smiley this time... I really hate typing curly after curly.
It makes me wonder that anyone *likes* the freakin' things so
much that they named a LANGUAGE after them.

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