string reading bug in ActiveState Python 2.2 ?

Axel Kowald kowald at
Tue Sep 3 04:40:29 EDT 2002


I'm using ActiveStates Python 2.2.1 under win2000 to read in the 
attached text file and it seems that python is only reading part of the 
string. After

fp = open("bla.txt")
z =
print len(z), z

I see that only 11 of the 15 characters have been read. I know they are 
non-printable characters, but that shouldn't matter, should it ?  Using 
another python on one of our unix machines everything works as expected 
and all 15 chars are read in.  Is that there something special about 
windows that I should know, or is this a bug in ActiveStates Python ?

Many thanks,

                   Axel Kowald

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