Zope Status?

Bo bosahvremove at netscape.net
Sat Sep 7 01:15:49 EDT 2002

Peter Hansen <peter at engcorp.com> wrote in
news:3d78a657$1 at news.sentex.net: 

> Very likely, going to http://dev.zope.org would answer these
> questions. 

I looked there but it seems somewhat vague and out of date.


Project Plan

The Zope 2.6 release is tentatively planned for Q2 2002. Once the 
ProposedFeatures have been solidified into a final feature set, we'll put a 
table here with status and links to project areas for the major components 
of the project.

The site says they are gathering features for zope 2.6 and working on a 
vision statement for 2.7 which will use python 2.2.

I'm just curious if some people involved in the code would share their 

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