PyQt setup on Linux Mandrake 8.2

Jim jimb417 at NO*
Sat Sep 21 22:29:12 EDT 2002

dwelch wrote:

>>>( snipped )
> OK, I found and installed tmake. Now, SIP can't find some of the Qt
> pieces it needs. So, I still don't understand the situation with Qt. Is
> it really possible to install and run my applications that I write with
> say Qt 3.0.5, when KDE on my system is using Qt 2.3.1? How does/would
> KDE know which version to use? How will my apps know what version to
> use? I am assuming there can only be one QTDIR active on a system at a
> time...
> Thanks for the help,
> Don

Hello Don,

You can write and compile apps using Qt 3.0.5 or whatever and still use KDE 
and Qt 2.3.1.

To compile apps with Qt 3.0.5, put this in your /etc/profile file: 

QTDIR=/usr/local/qt305 ( or wherever you put Qt )


I've compiled several apps with 3.0.5 and they have all run on my
KDE desktop ( I'm still using 2.2.2! )

Hope this helps, Jim
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