Python GUI app to impress the boss?

Lee Gray lee100 at
Tue Sep 17 20:42:42 EDT 2002

Chris Liechti wrote:

> lpgray at (Lee Gray) wrote in
> news:96904b50.0209171305.6d65f574 at
>> My boss is pretty open-minded, but also needs to see something working
>> to be convinced Python is even a viable platform (he had never heard
>> of it).  Otherwise, .Net is a given, whether it's any good or not,
>> since corporate is MS all the way.
> with python you have to choice of diffrent GUI libs. if you consider
> wxWindows you can play around with the wxPython demo application that
> comes with the download. on the other hand when you support win32 only the
> win32all package has support for all the windows APIs and it has some
> samples that get installed.
> chris

Well, our shop is win32 only, but on a personal level I'd like to be more 
flexible (I mostly use Linux at home).  Isn't Tk still considered the 
"official" GUI lib?

For a newbie, what's easier, Tk or wxWindows?


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