idea for a much needed application

Darin McBride darin at
Mon Sep 30 10:49:54 EDT 2002

mike henley wrote:

> I wish i can just use my own computer, with whatever technologies I
> choose, keeping my content that i build up over time safe here on my
> own machine, but unless you have a broadband connection this is not
> possible.

You provide an interesting idea.  The major downfall to the request
comes right here.  This type of technology already has no future. 
Maybe when the web was initially born, this would have had some sort of
future where whoever invented a solution to your problem would be able
to succeed (money if commercial, fame if open source).  Now, however,
with broadband connections becoming almost ubiquitous in North America,
and gaining popularity in other parts of the world, there is little to
be gained for the programmer who comes up with a solution to this -
it's only a matter of time before always-on internet becomes a reality
for anyone who wants it, and there will be no need for any other

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