Outlook 2002 and Python

Tim Lavoie tjlavoie at mb.sympatico.ca
Tue Sep 24 00:26:03 EDT 2002

Well, two things. 

First, please do NOT post to newsgroups or mailing lists in HTML,
particularly that emitted by Microsoft tools. Even if readable in
Outlook, they're horrid to read otherwise, and will often be ignored
by those who might help. I'd repeat it to show you what it looks like
to everyone else, but others have suffered enough.

Second, what do you want your plugin to do? Something useful on the
client side I would guess, but you never said. Regardless of the
language used, deciding what you would like to accomplish is always an
excellent first step.

I finally went to the eye doctor.  I got contacts.  I only need them to
read, so I got flip-ups.
                -- Steven Wright

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