What does Python fix?

Dennis Lee Bieber wlfraed at ix.netcom.com
Sun Sep 29 19:08:32 EDT 2002

Henrik Motakef fed this fish to the penguins on Sunday 29 September 
2002 02:55 am:

> Courageous <jkraska at san.rr.com> writes:
>> >Let's not forget that Python's syntax (most of all the significance
>> >of whitespace) is considered strange at least by about all novices.
>> >In both cases - significant whitespace and lots of irritating
>> >superflous parentheses - people don't just get used to it, but tend
>> >to like it after a while.
>> I'm fairly sure that you meant to say "Lisp" where you said Python,
>> right?
> No, I'm talking about how newbies tend to react when you tell them
> that block structure in Python is determined by indentation.

        I suspect the confusion was the phrase "significant whitespace and 
lots of irritating superflous parentheses" -- keyword being AND

        Change that to OR: ... significant whitespace (python) OR lots of 
irritating superfluous parentheses (lisp)

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