Python HTTPSConnection/HTTPResponse Problem

Edward Muller edwardam at
Sun Sep 22 17:43:50 EDT 2002

I thought I had posted this already, sorry if it sorta doubles.

I can't use python 2.2, the latest I can use is python 2.1 because in
the end this will be done with zope and zope currently only supports
python 2.1.3 and earlier.

And yes, my python is SSL enabled. 

Gerhard Häring <gerhard.haering at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1032691649.13632.python-list at>...
> * Edward Muller <edwardam at> [2002-09-21 23:00 -0700]:
> > I am trying to use HTTPSConnection and HTTPResponse objects [...]
> Is your Python SSL-enabled?  Check with:
>     import socket
>     hasattr(socket, "ssl")
> Which version of Python are you using? Be sure to use at least version
> 2.2, as it contains many SSL-related bugfixes.
> -- Gerhard

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