A Free Idea: Search Engine for Webpages

Amit Patel amitp at Xenon.Stanford.EDU
Thu Sep 5 12:16:29 EDT 2002

 Peter Hansen  <peter at engcorp.com> wrote:
| Dave Brueck wrote:
| > 
| > What I find useful is Google's presentation of cached content (the one
| > you get to by clicking a search result's 'Cached' link instead of the
| > main link presented) because it highlights in a different color each
| > word from your search. It gives you an easy way to quickly and
| > visually scan a document searching for relevant content. I just scroll
| > down the page looking for concentrations of pretty colors! ;-)
| I believe there is some kind of add-in for IE and maybe Netscape
| and/or others which puts a little search field in your browser
| toolbar and lets you search any given page in the same way, including
| highlighting the search terms exactly as in the cached version.

The Google Toolbar does this, but it's IE only.  In addition to the
highlighting, after you search, it shows the search words in the
toolbar and you can click on them to jump to them on the page.  There
are other toolbars now that do the same sorts of things.

Someday I'd like to implement this in Python -- not as a web server or
browser client plugin, but as a proxy.  I can parse the page as it's
coming through and insert a navigation box at the top.  It'd be handy
to see the structure of the page (h1 - h6, but in a tree), the
anchors, links to the words I last searched for.  With DOM and CSS,
you can do some fancy UI stuff to make the navigation box almost as
nice as something that's embedded in your browser.  And the most
important feature: add a button to kill the colors on any page that
uses dark blue links on a black background!

     - Amit
Amit J Patel, Computer Science Department, Stanford University

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