Must have Python modules?

Robert Oschler Oschler at
Mon Sep 2 08:24:21 EDT 2002

"Gerhard Häring" <gerhard.haering at> wrote in message at
> Robert Oschler wrote:
> What do you want to hear? Everyone's list of favourite Python extensions?
> There's likely is more than one for most of us. My favourite is the "this"
> module.


In C++, which has thousands of libraries, snippets, etc. there were only a
few that I personally used religiously.  For example, the Boost Smart
Pointer library.  In Delphi the Jedi libray is a must-have library with a
very broad coverage of functions.  Most programmers I talk to, regardless of
the language, have a few libraries or [beans/components/plug-ins] which they
have fallen in love with and use in almost every, if not every, project.  It
is that uber-list I want to hear about.  I went to and there
are over 695 Python entries.  Scanning every project and then figuring out
how useful they are would be fun but probably not very productive.  In
python I already have two that I'm very find of, Secret Labs RegExp module
and the xml.dom module.  (And the wonderful WingIDE environment for Python
development!)  I want to know what the other favorites are "out there".


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