Python to surpass C performance by 2030

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Tue Sep 3 04:53:54 EDT 2002

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DB> Erno Kuusela <erno-news at> wrote in message news:<kuptw4o65q.fsf at>...
>> just for fun i ran pystone under python versions since 1.5.2 to
>> current cvs. here are the results:
>> [benchmark results snipped]
>> since 1.5.2 is about 4 years old, the improvement per year is about
>> 13.2% on average. if we assume that 1.5.2 is 50 times slower than
>> C (probably conservative?), then at 13.2% per year since 1998 it
>> will add up to 53x improvement in 32 years.
>> i wonder if this would be a good application for the time machine...
>> learn python today, and in 28 years you will have a job writing
>> the speed-critical parts of c programs in python :)

DB> Before that could ever happen, the Python interpreter would have to be
DB> written in something other than C.

Yes. It should be written in Python:

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