general thoughts

Henrik Motakef henrik.motakef at
Tue Sep 24 19:39:33 CEST 2002

Dave Kuhlman <dkuhlman at> writes:

> And, a large part of the book describes how to program without variables and 
> state.  That's weird and interesting, just like the Elephant Man was weird 
> and interesting.  But, after that, then what?  Am I supposed to try to 
> program that way?

Read "The Koan of Side Effect" at
<>. Become enlightened.

> It did not teach me good Python programming style.  I could not hardly read 
> my own code with all those many layers of parentheses.
> It did not teach me how to use Python data structures.  I found myself doing 
> too many screwy things with lists.

As the book's title indicates, it's about how computer programs work,
not about using Python data structures.


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