Guido Van Rossum to speak at UK Python Conference

Duncan Booth duncan at
Tue Sep 24 09:00:27 EDT 2002

This is a repost of the CFP: if you missed it the first time it isn't
too late to put yourself forward as a speaker at the UK Python
Conference. No previous experience necessary, just tell me what you want
to talk about or suggest a range of topics if you aren't sure.

The provisional list of speakers for this conference includes Guido
van Rossum, David Abrahams (Boost Python), Andrew Koenig, Marc André
Lemburg, and many more. See for more
about the conference.

                    *** Call for Participation ***
                      UK Python Conference 2003

                            April 2-3 2003
                         Holiday Inn, Oxford

The UK Python Conference 2003 is being held in conjunction with the
larger ACCU conference. The conference will include two days of papers
arranged in 90 minute speaking slots with either one or two tracks.

The audience is highly technical and will include experts in many
fields of computing, some of whom may know little or nothing about
Python. Talks will be welcomed on any aspect of Python, but we are
especially interested in the following:

        - Commercial applications for Python
        - Cross-language talks

Speakers are welcome from the UK or the rest of the world, however our
budget for overseas speakers may be limited. Speakers get reasonable
travel and accomodation costs paid as well as free attendance at the
Python conference and the associated ACCU conference.

To submit a proposal, send an email message to duncan at by 2nd
October 2002. In your message, please include the following:

        - Speaker name and affiliation
        - Contact address
        - Presentation title
        - A one paragraph abstract

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