file upload using msvcrt

dxterra wanner.dx at
Wed Sep 11 08:57:18 EDT 2002

I am trying to upload msword docs to my webserver. Here is the code
that I am using:

#!I:\Python22\Python -u

# $Header: $

# $Log: $

import cgi, sys, string, time, types, os
import posixpath, dospath, macpath
import msvcrt
msvcrt.setmode(0, os.O_BINARY)

from pso.service import ServiceHandler

# allows for more verbose feedback when a cgi exception occurs
import cgitb

sys.stderr = sys.stdout

UPLOAD_DIR = "o:\\upload"

def splitpath( orig_path ):
	for pathmodule in [posixpath, dospath, macpath]:
		basename = pathmodule.split(orig_path)[1]
		if basename != orig_path:
			return basename
	return orig_path

def save_file(fileinfo):

	basename = splitpath( fileinfo.filename)
	srvrname = os.path.join(UPLOAD_DIR, basename )
	msvcrt.setmode(0, os.O_BINARY)
	fp = file( "s:\\cgi-bin\\project\\log.lis", "a+" )
	fp.write( "saving file '%s' as '%s'\n" % (fileinfo.filename,
srvrname) )
	fp.write( "file contents %s\n" % fileinfo.value )
	fp.write( "file size as read from stdin '%s'\n" % (
len(fileinfo.value) ) )
	fp.write( "file mode in '%s'  file mode out '%s'\n" %
(sys.stdin.mode, sys.stdout.mode ) )

	srvrfile = file(srvrname, "wb" )
	while 1:
		data = )
		if not data: break

	return fileinfo.filename

def upload_file():

	form = cgi.FieldStorage()
	msgs = []

	fileinfo = None

	for field in form.keys():
		if field == "zzz":
			if not form[field].filename:
				msgs.append( "ERROR: filename is missing" )
				fileinfo = form[field]
				fp = file( "s:\\cgi-bin\\project\\log.lis", "a+" )
				fp.write( "attachment filename is '%s'\n" % (fileinfo.filename) )

	if fileinfo is not None:
		fp = file( "s:\\cgi-bin\\project\\log.lis", "a+" )
		fp.write( "preparing to save attachment '%s'\n" %
(fileinfo.filename) )
		srvrname = save_file(fileinfo)

	# process the form data

	for msg in msgs:
		print '<center><font class="RedBold">%s</font></center>' % (msg)

if __name__ == '__main__':

I cannot get the binary file to write. It get to about 8k and then
When I query the mode it always says 'r' for stdin and 'w' for stdout.
Can anyone help me?

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