filter(lambda W : W not in 'ILLITERATE','BULLSHIT') (Re : python expression)

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> > This somewhat-well-known and certainly well-worn programmer joke
> Well, *I* invented this formula myself soon after Mr Bush revealed
> the world that "USA" is written in "CRUSADE" just like "US" is in
> "BUSH". Adding : "Either you are with US, or you are against US".

Congratulations on your cleverness.  You have used it as your
signature over 20 times on this mail-list/newsgroup so it is somewhat
familiar to me and, I presume, to other regular readers  According to
google, you seem to have used it at least once in at least 10 other
newsgroups(and a few more with this posting), but pardon me for
overestimating its well-knownness outside the confines of Pythonland.
>> and the presence of very un-Pythonic ugliness

> Ah, you are an aesthetician of pythonicity

Yes.  To quote from the post where you added c.l.p to the newgroup
Malev : [after accusing me of an opaque vice on the basis of an
              incompetent interpretation of the headers of his copy
             of my post]
> >by this channel. This really has nothing to do with me.  You should
> >abstain from reading technical small print if it's beyond your
> >to interpret it adequately.
> Pompous patronizing fool.

I prefer that to being the unrepenting "innocent" liar that you are,

Again, this sort of personal attack and counterattack has nothing to
do with Python and is contrary to the generally friendly spirit here.
I consider it ugly and make no apology for stating so.

> But then, what's your competence to formulate such assertions ?

My humanity and at least 5 1/2 years of participation here.

Terry J. Reedy

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