Memory fault - core dumped while compiling 2.2.1 on SCO

Martin v. Loewis martin at
Wed Sep 4 18:50:43 EDT 2002

Anton Graph <aglyportREMOvethispart at> writes:

> python -E build in gdb:
> (gdb) where
> #0  0x80016d06 in do_reloc () from /usr/lib/

That sounds like a question to bring to an SCO forum. Apparently, this
crashes when doing relocations while loading the extension
module. This raises a number of questions:

- Why does it do relocations at all? Could it be that you have object
  files that a not position-independent? I.e. is distutils using the
  compiler correctly both for compilation, and for linking?

  It might be correct that it tries to perform relocation, e.g. for
  the global offset table, and the procedure linkage table - but it
  *is* troubling that relocations is where it crashes.

- What is the precise version of the operating system you are using?

- I'm troubled by the fact that in both configurations (with an
  without gcc), the compiler is always referred-to as "cc". Are you
  sure you are not using gcc?

  Please have a look at

  Notice that the failure mode is quite similar... Likewise,

  reports such a problem when using gcc on SCO.


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