Thinking of joining

a.clarke11 a.clarke11 at
Sat Sep 7 22:23:39 CEST 2002

And its not dead, hasn't expired, gone to Valhalla, isn't kaput or aything like
that. Thanks, teaand bikkie for reminding us what it is all about

TeaAndBikkie wrote:

> IMHO Python has beautiful plumage, isn't nailed to the perch, and won't leave
> you pining for the fields. It also has a good range of cheese, even the ones
> you thought you didn't need, and you won't get stoned by your friends for
> joining.
> (Any implied references to Parrot are completely accidental).
> I'm too new to Python to give you good technical reasons to use it, but I like
> it :)

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