Zope Documentation and example sites

DT tarnower at optonline.net
Tue Sep 24 22:10:53 EDT 2002

Hi Sam,

I am in the same boat as you.  I've just become a Zope user, and I
hope to apply it to an Intranet project I plan to start soon.  I'm
particularly interested in the CMF product.

I also did a search for existing websites.  One I found that seems
pretty well written is: http://spring.parkinsons.org.uk/

I would like to find some working examples that use CMF.  Does anyone
know of any?

sam-nospam- at totallynerd.com (Sam Alexander) wrote in message news:<503511c2.0209230758.74a64a3d at posting.google.com>...
> Hi all,
> I've just installed Zope, and now I'm trying to find reesources to
> learn it.  I have a few questions along these lines...
> 1) What online resources are out there to help a newbie learn Zope? 
> I've downloaded the Zope Book, but it's a bit technical for my taste. 
> I'm looking for something with examples or tutorials showing how to do
> some basic stuff from scratch.  Any suggestions?  Either online or
> books ???
> 2) What sites are using Zope?  I've noticed most if not all the Zope
> sites I've seen don't mention they're using Zope.  Can someone give me
> some examples of sites which use Zope so I can get a better idea of
> the type of layouts I can do with Zope?  I know it's very
> programmable, but other then the Plone site (which is great), I'm not
> sure what other sites use Zope.
> 3) Finally, I've never used Python, but I'm seasoned in Linux and in
> web/app programming (Perl, PHP, C++, Cold Fusion, etc).  How long
> would it take to learn Zope/python well enough to create a production
> site?
> Thanks for your help and suggestions.

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