Returning lists from python COM servers

Olly Smith oliver.smith at
Thu Sep 5 06:31:40 EDT 2002

Using this snippet on the server side:

return (tags,vals)

Where tags and vals are equal length lists (actually a dict that maps
strings to strings split up so it can be returned from the COM object)

This snippet on the client side:

tags,vals = self.prodcat.getPDF(id)

I get this error (mildly snipped cgitb output):

 547         tag,val = self.prodcat.getPDF(id)

ValueError: unpack tuple of wrong size
      __doc__ = 'Inappropriate argument value (of correct type).'
      __getitem__ = <bound method ValueError.__getitem__ of
<exceptions.ValueError instance at 0x00849670>>
      __init__ = <bound method ValueError.__init__ of <exceptions.ValueError
instance at 0x00849670>>
      __module__ = 'exceptions'
      __str__ = <bound method ValueError.__str__ of <exceptions.ValueError
instance at 0x00849670>>
      args = ('unpack tuple of wrong size',)

Any ideas on where I'm going wrong? I'm pulling my hair out trying to work
this one out.



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