Pyrex 0.4.4

François Pinard pinard at
Tue Sep 3 21:23:27 EDT 2002

[Delaney, Timothy]

>> I noticed too.  To get going, I got Plex installed separately, and removed
>> the 'Plex' line in `' for Pyrex.

> I decided against that, since one of the ficed bugs was in Plex.

I wondered a bit as well.  But since the Plex bug never hit me so far that I
know, it would take some bad luck for being hit now.  The fact that Pyrex
traceback got nicely integrated in the overall Python feedback is a nice
feature, which outweigh the fear of the Plex bug.

In one application, I use Pyrex to embed Python within a Bison generated
parser and a Flex scanner, that is, within C code.  This afternoon, I got
Pyrex to generate some code, then cut-and-pasted the traceback tricks it uses
into a new C module, which the parser calls after a Python returns an error.
So even the C code is properly referenced in the traceback.  Wonderful!

François Pinard

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