Interapp communication under Python[Linux]?

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>My Python app will talk to 3 or 4 modules written in Java and C/C++.
>Fortunately I have the source for the Java and C/C++ modules and I have
>experience in both languages.  Currently the external modules have no
>provision for being accessed outside of the process they are running as.  So
>I'm wondering what the best protocol would be used to "glue it all
>together".  There a dizzying array of possibilities:

>6) CORBA? (yikes!)

CORBA has a reputation for being difficult to use, but it's actually
really easy, and it could well solve all your problems for you. Adding
simple CORBA interfaces to your existing code would add around 50
lines to the C++ and Java code, and about 20 to the Python code, plus
maybe another 10 lines of IDL interface definitions. Obviously if you
need more complex interfaces there will be more code involved, but
minimal support really is minimal.

You can see a simple Python CORBA client and server here:



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