Best way ( easiest ) to generate RSS/RDF on MySQL-data ??

Thomas Weholt 2002 at
Mon Sep 16 18:14:44 EDT 2002

I got data in a MySQL-database I want to base my RSS/RDF-feeds on. The
columns in the given tables doesn't have fields that correspond to RSS or
RDF tags so I need to do some "mapping" of table columns into RSS/RDF-tags.

Is there a module or piece of code out there that shows a dynamic and
customizable way of mapping these kinds of data to RDF/RSS or even another
XML-based kind of document ?

I've read lots about parsing RSS/RDF but found very few resources on
generating those files, -- in any programming language. It's not that the
format is hard to code doing it the fast and dirty way, but that seem a bit
restricted and by using RDF I want to be able to let users define custom
namespaces etc. too. That's way I need a pretty dynamic method of generating
these feeds.

Any hints or clues on how to generate RSS/RDF-files, not even related to
this problem in particular would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,
Thomas Weholt

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