upgrading python

DeepBleu DeepBleu at DeepBleu.org
Thu Sep 5 21:11:59 EDT 2002

The problem is how do you get such an installer to work?  Also, how would
the installer know of the different packages?  There are literally hundreds
of packages.  How about the mxODBC package?  Scientifc?  Real?
Having said that - I for one have always run into such issues (please note
that I am using the word issues, not problems).  I just keep track of what
packages I am using and only upgrade when the need arises.  It is much
better to keep the Python 'generic' distribution separate from anything
else.  Then download an duse the packages that you need.

"Markus von Ehr" <markus.vonehr at ipm.fhg.de> wrote in message
news:3D777EA9.F9A96C83 at ipm.fhg.de...
> Hi,
> first of all I'd like programming in python.
> Sometimes you need to grade up to a newer version.
> I have to download everything again and install every single package,
> for example:
> -win32all
> -PyOpengl
> -Pyserial
> -Numeric
> -unzip Pmw
> -PIL
> -py2exe
> -PyXML
> etc.
> So I just mentioned "only" 8 packages, additionally I have to
> install the newer python version and to uninstall the old packages...
> Couldn't it be made easier? Maybe I do something wrong and
> am misunderstanding how to deal with it.
> Now I wanted to grade up to tk84. It was quite hard to find
> _tkinter.c, then I downloaded the tcl-sources, tk-sources,
> installed MSVC6, found out that some X11 stuff is missing...
> I know that all mentioned packages are different projects but could
> it be made that there's a python distribution with all packages
> up2date and the installer is asking for the desired ones?
> Do you have similar experiences?
> Markus

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