Installing Python 2.2.1 on WinNT

Phil Rittenhouse Phil.Rittenhouse at
Wed Sep 4 17:43:23 EDT 2002

Thanks for the help Trent.

I have the lastest NT service pack installed (sp6a).

I'm not sure what DLL could not be loaded, the error message just gives a
bunch of
garbage for the DLL name.   I suspect that it's trying to load a
non-existant DLL for some

I am using the installer, and I suspect the problem lies in the
WISE code.    To see if
the problem was related to permissions, I tried installing, while logged in
as administrator, and it
still threw up the warning dialog about installing without admin
privileges.   So, clearly, something's
wrong with the detection of administrator privileges.

The ActivePython install worked fine, but we'd rather ship the install from if possible.

I'd like to hear from any other NT 4.0 users that have tried installing
Python 2.2.   Is it just me?


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> I've run into a (actually two) problem installing Python 2.2.1 on
> Windows NT 4.0.  At the end of the install, it throws up an error
> "Could not load the DLL library $%#%^$.  The specified module could
> not be found."

Do you have the latest service pack and fixes from MSDN for your NT box?
I have found that getting the latest updates often fixes some "Could not
load the DLL library" and "Page fault in..." and "Invalid entry point
in" errors.

What DLL could not be loaded?

Are you running the installer? You could also try


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