Does BlackAdder really suck?

F. GEIGER fgeiger at
Wed Sep 4 14:22:20 EDT 2002

"Gerhard Häring" <gerhard.haering at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:slrnanci6i.1s8.gerhard.haering at
> I just checked out the BlackAdder demo and was quite disappointed.

BlackAdder crashed my NT box, when I ran it the 1st time. Never fired it up

> I expected that this is a tight integration of Python and PyQt. But it
> looks like it's just Qt Designer embedded in the IDE, while still having
> run pyuic manually. I don't know if at least the debugger is any good,
> because the demo was quite limited.
> Is there any usable commercial IDE for GUI design? BlackAdder and
> PythonWare Pro seem to be the only candidates (yes, I did check out Boa).

Did you have a look at wxDesigner?


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