Is there a docutils / reStructuredText system for C++ source code available?

Pierre Rouleau pieroul at
Mon Sep 30 23:30:42 EDT 2002

David Abrahams wrote:
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>>I have been using docutil and reStructuredText for Python code and it
>>works great. Pydoc does a superb job of helping in setting up an
>>internal web site that provides documentation for our Python code, let
>>alone the ability to run doctest test and show auto testing of python
>>documentation on line!
>>That works great for our Python code.  Now i want to do the same thing
>>for our C++ code.  Since Python has been partly implemented in C / C++
>>i tough there might already exist some tools for parsing C++ and some
>>comments (given some formatting conventions) and generate the same kind
>>of output the html tool of docutil does.
>>Does any one know any thing that resembles that?
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I also found another tool called Doxigen  at

Anyone has experience with it?

         Pierre Rouleau

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