Using Python to call a DCOM server - "'Class not registered"

Thomas Jensen spam at
Sun Sep 8 03:42:25 EDT 2002

Mark Hammond wrote:
> Thomas Jensen wrote:
>> Is it safe to say that "ActiveX DLL" = InprocServer32 and "ActiveX 
>> EXE" = LocalServer and that I need the later to use DCOM? (I have some 
>> existing components that I'd rather keep as DLL - don't know why 
>> really? :-)
> Yep.  InProcServer32 means that the COM object is implemented in a DLL, 
> and loaded into the calling process.  LocalServer means it is an 
> executable, and loaded into a separate process and IPC used across 
> boundaries.  For DCOM, there is no way the object can be loaded into the 
> same process, so executable based servers must be used.

Ok, I see. Then I guess the LocalServer approach has much more overhead 
on local calls than InProc32?

Searching for "unregister localserver" I found your book "Python 
Programming on Win32" on O'Reilly :-)
If I can find it in Denmark, I think I'll buy it!


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