urgent: binary driver for MySQL/Windows

Johann observer at NOSPAM.space.pl
Thu Sep 5 06:30:13 EDT 2002

1. I am using the latest MySQL ODBC driver.
2. I  created ODBC entry in my Windows2K and I can connect to the
external database (test connection was OK)
3. I CANNOT connect to the same database using odbc.odbc('mydsn')
because it works as ODBC at intranet user not authorized with Windows
Server 2000.

Shit. I have no idea how to fix it so I tried the same with Perl using
DBI and DBD-MySQL and IT WORKS!  But.. I wanted to use Python. 

So, how to make Python work with MySQL? Is there any (other than odbc)
way to connection to MySQL? I found in DB-SIG MySQL module. But it is
only source, binaries are for Linux. I need windows binary driver for
my local Win2K workstation. I tried to compile it with Cygwin, but it
failed. :( I am lookin' for MySQL binary driver for Windows2K (for
Active Python  I am using) 


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