Python parser for cross references

Howard Lightstone howard at
Wed Sep 4 18:34:08 EDT 2002

I would like to use Source Navigator to (re)examine a largish application.
It parses the C, C++,assembly and Python jobs I am working right now and 
has outputs that *statisfy* the naive QA people who think tables and 
diagrams are *documentation*.

The Python parser for it was written by Thomas Heller (thank you very 

However, it does not emit cross reference information.  Of course, I first 
thought "why not just add one?".  I can see why Mr. Heller did not.

A cross reference parser has to track scope....and determine function calls 
within argument lists.....and track just 'name' references which are passed 
around...and on and on.

Is there a (C) parser for Python around which does a "just-good-enough" 
parsing job to be adapted for this?  I think it just needs the scope (name) 
and enough logic to recognize what kind of token it has found.  

Of course, the gui guts of SN are written in Tix, Tcl, and ITcl .... oh 
well, back to those again.


Howard Lightstone

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